Settling-in Service (UK)
The professional team of AIMS will relief your stress and troubles when moving and start your new life easily.

Services :

  • On-site assistance will be provided by our professional team in UK, help you to save time, hassle and money.
  • A reliable list of home essentials near your residence, including:
    • Utility (water, sewerage, gas, electricity & trash)
    • Internet
    • Mobile
    • Bank Account
    • Family doctor
    • Insurance
    • Local groceries & retailers
  • Online assist in health service, social security number, bank account application, etc.
  • On-site escort to explore the surrounding area, such as community facilities, local council tax, health facilities, bank, library, etc.
  • Introduce the emergency alerts, driving rules, waste and recycling systems, public transportation and how to get to the major metropolitan areas, etc.
* This is a general planning, you are free to adjust in relation to your needs.

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